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Career Help for Entry Level Professionals

Career Help for Entry Level Professionals

life & career coaching services

For Professionals Seeking Happier, Healthier Lives

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You deserve to love the work you do, no matter what stage of life you're in.

How much time are you spending job searching or working a job you don’t enjoy? What if your time could be spent in work that's fulfilling, lights you up, and leaves you with the energy and freedom to pursue the interests, dreams and goals you're passionate about outside your 9-5?

It’s time you did work that lets you enjoy life, not dread it.

Your job represents your ability to adult. When you step into work you love, you instantly unlock the power that is adulting: your income goes up, your energy increases, and your personal goals start happening.

Holistic Career Coaching

1-on-1 life & career coaching

My holistic, 1-on-1 approach to career coaching helps you unlock personal transformation based on your unique career persona. Discover your persona below then connect with me to learn more.



Launchers are about to enter (or have just entered) the first stage of their careers looking to achieve their next level of adulting. ​

With my help, you'll put yourself in the driver’s seat so that you can take control of your career and unlock other adulting firsts with confidence & maturity.


Revolutionaries are burned out by their career and are looking for work that aligns with their interests, values and security needs.

With my help, you'll resolve burnout and support your values so that you can achieve a balanced, fulfilling professional and personal self.


Pivoters are at a crossroads in their career or personal life and need guidance on how to overcome their specific crisis. 

With my help, you'll take the best next steps for your life so that you can reimagine your future and find the courage to live out your new identity.


Entrepreneurs are aspiring business owners starting a new venture and need the accountability to launch successfully. 

With my help, you'll lay a foundation for your business goals, define your brand, and build a plan to launch your business into the world.


Retirees are entering an exciting life stage but face a gap between what they want to accomplish and how to make it happen.

With my help, you'll plan for your next season of life so that you can become who you always dreamed you could be when you were a kid. 

enhance your coaching experience with these add-on services


resume makeovers

Recommended for
Launchers  /  Revolutionaries  /  Pivoters

Not sure where to begin with your resume? Hire my team to help you enhance an existing resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile (or create from scratch) so you can apply to your next job with confidence. Choose from 2 service options: •. Get a Makeover (Resumes & Cover Letters): Learn how to create an effective, eye-catching document from scratch or makeover an existing resume/cover letter with the help of an expert writer and designer. •. Get a Critique (Resumes, Cover Letters & LinkedIn Profiles): Receive expert feedback on an existing resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile.


support for parents

Recommended for
Parents of Launchers

As a parent, supporting a Launcher and their career journey can be tricky. Add this service to receive a one-on-one coaching experience to help you outline a plan to help your Launcher succeed. Choose from 1 service option: •. 3 pack of sessions @ 60 min. each (3 mo. expiration)


life counseling

Recommended for
Launchers  /  Revolutionaries  /  Pivoters

Career transitions can be a challenging & stressful process. Add Life Counseling to work through frustrations with a safe, listening ear so that you can gain resolution and a sense of calm. Choose from 1 service option: •. Monthly subscription (up to 12 months, duration of coaching package) to receive access to text me from 9am to 5pm EST Monday thru Friday for life counseling support.


accountability support

Recommended for
Pivoters  /  Entrepreneurs

Accomplishing tasks can be challenging with life's many distractions. Add this service for weekly check-in texts from me to keep you focused and continue your forward momentum.  Choose from 1 service option: •. Monthly subscription (up to 12 months or duration of coaching package) to receive check-in texts from me to track your progress on a specific goal or project.


personal branding

Recommended for

You're about to start a business but lack a brand identity. Add this service to receive a custom logo designed from scratch so you can launch your business with confidence. Choose from 2 service options: •. Logo design: Receive a custom logo designed just for you and your business. •. Website review: Receive a critique of an existing website, including SEO optimization and review of your overall user experience.

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