services & prices

 1-on-1 coaching packages 

60 min. sessions via phone, zoom or in-person.

pay by session or save 10% when you pay in full.

3 months .......................... $75 ea.

6 months .......................... $70 ea.

12 months .......................... $65 ea.

12 sessions, meet weekly

12 sessions, meet bi-weekly

12 sessions, meet monthly

$900 total

$840 total

$780 total

 1-on-1 support 

add support onto a 1-on-1 package or bundle all three to save $10/mo.

6 mo. commitment required

accountability & motivation

sign up and get weekly check-in texts from me to track your progress on a specific goal or project.



sign up and get written feedback from me on emails to bosses, colleagues, interviewers, and job offers.


life counseling

sign up and get access to text me 9am to 5pm EST Monday thru Friday for life and wellness counseling.



 makeover services 

each makeover service comes with one design consultation with me and two writing consultations with a resume writing expert (30 min. each)

resume makeover

redesign & rewrite of one master resume



resume tailoring

customize your resume for up to two job descriptions


cover letter makeover

redesign & rewrite of one master cover letter


portfolio makeover

 redesign of one work sample portfolio (up to 4 samples)


linkedin profile makeover

optimization & redesign of one linkedin profile



 group coaching 

become a member of my better together community and get inspired by others to achieve your goals.

book me as a guest speaker for your team's next professional development series.