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How to set healthy, effective boundaries at work

Ever had a line crossed at work and didn’t know how to address it?

Most often, professionals struggle to address conflict at work because they’re being taken advantage of in some way, or they're struggling with unhealthy workplace relationships.

If this sounds like you, follow these 4 steps to set boundaries so you can start thriving at work.

Identify your boundary problem areas.

When it comes to setting boundaries, the first place to start is identifying your boundary problem areas. These usually take form in 3 key resources: Energy, Time and Money.

For example:

Energy – My job is physically demanding & I’m exhausted.

Time – I’ve been working unplanned overtime every day the past month.

Money – I’m doing the job of two people without compensation.

Organize your thoughts.

After identifying your boundary problem areas, it’s important to organize your thoughts before jumping into action.

A great way to do this: outline a script that expresses how you feel your boundary is being violated, followed by a call to action informing the recipient what needs to change going forward so that your boundary is acknowledged.

Plan for different scenarios.

As you practice your script, prepare to address every scenario by playing out how the conversation might go. What types of responses you could anticipate, good or bad? Then, prepare a response for each scenario.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Now that you have a script and scenarios laid out, ask someone you trust to practice with you. Not only will this help you gain comfort with articulating your boundaries, but you’ll also feel confident in any scenario that plays out.


Ali Goodin Certified Life & Career Coach in Central FL

I'm a former Disney employee, graphic designer turned life coach, and career transition expert. I created Ful Life Coaching to give professionals of all ages & stages a safe space to navigate career transition. My passion is equipping professionals with the tools and confidence they need to transition in their careers – from launch to retirement – so they can live happier, healthier lives.


Are you ready to do work you love so you can live a happier, healthier life?


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