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How to plan your next career move

If you’re about to make a big change in your career, listen up because this message is for you!

When it’s time to embark onto the next thing in your career, it can be overwhelming (and comes with a lot to do).

Here are 3 steps to help you plan for a smooth career transition.

Step 1 - Reconnect with your "why"

Before jumping into the wave of change head-first, revisit the reason why you’re making a change in the first place. This is called your vision statement.

For example:

  • I’m changing my job so that I can do work that aligns with my values.

  • I’m pivoting my career so that I can make a greater impact on people.

  • I’m leaving my company so that I can focus on my home life

Without a vision statement as your anchor, you risk making reactive decisions during the change process. Having a vision statement will keep you tuned in to the bigger picture so that you can make mindful, vision-aligned choices.

Step 2 - Outline your plan

After defining your vision statement, it’s time to break it apart into 3 distinct "phases” that serve as a guide to achieving your vision.

A basic 3-phased plan looks like this:

  • Phase 1 - The “where am I now” phase

  • Phase 2 - The “halfway point” phase

  • Phase 3 - The “final/ideal outcome” phase

Now let’s apply a vision statement.

My vision is to leave my company so that I can focus on my home life. In order to achieve this vision, my plan looks like this:

  • Phase 1 - Work from home 0% of time

  • Phase 2 - Work from home 50% of time

  • Phase 3 - Work from home 100% of time

By following 3 phases (vs. 4, 5, 6+), you'll have a simple yet effective map to guide you through any change without overwhelming you in the process.

Step 3 - Identify your action steps

Once you’ve crafted your 3 phases, the last step is to identify their action steps. Action Steps are bite-size moves you’ll need to make in order to complete each specific phase and be able to move onto the next.

For example:

During Phase 1 (Work from home 0% of time), your action steps should address your most immediate areas of focus, like...

  • Researching & interviewing for part-time remote jobs

  • Learning about my company's resignation policy

  • Discussing a remote option with current employer

...while in Phase 3 (Work from home 100% of time), your action steps should embody the final outcome:

  • Land a full-time remote job

  • Set up home office

  • Celebrate!!!!

To sum it up: Career change doesn’t have to be messy or sudden. When we have a plan for our next move and break it down into a vision with milestones & steps, we feel organized and ready to weather the change ahead.


Ali Goodin Certified Life & Career Coach in Central FL

I'm a former Disney employee, graphic designer turned life coach, and career transition expert. I created Ful Life Coaching to give professionals of all ages & stages a safe space to navigate career transition. My passion is equipping professionals with the tools and confidence they need to transition in their careers – from launch to retirement – so they can live happier, healthier lives.


Are you ready to do work you love so you can live a happier, healthier life?


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