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How to own or change your life

This might be controversial, but here goes:

If you don’t love something about your life, you either need to own it or you need to change it.

Don’t get me wrong—I know how easy it is to stay where you are and, well, complain about it. But for your own mental health and general happiness, you need to learn to love where you are or you need to move on.

Here's how to own it or change it when it comes to different scenarios life throws us:

If you don’t love your job:

Own it by rediscovering what you love about your job or change it by applying to jobs elsewhere.

If you’re tired of your living situation:

Own it by seeking gratitude for the situation you're in or change it by making a plan and saving up to move elsewhere.

If you’re frustrated with your friends:

Own it by having some honest conversations with them or change it by reconsidering the boundaries of your relationships.

Long story short: If you notice yourself complaining about the same things over and over, those feelings are trying to tell you something. So start listening!

Need help owning up or making a change?

Easier said than done, right? That's why I'm here to help you seek the best direction forward by laying out all of your options so that you can see the best path ahead. Get started for free by booking a Get To Know call today.

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