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How to support your dreams when money is tight

A reminder to you dreamers and entrepreneurs out there:

You are not a failure if you have to seek another income stream while working toward a bigger goal.

Here's what I mean by that...

  • While starting your own business, you decide to take a part-time job to support your family.

  • While working towards a dream client base, you say yes to extra freelance jobs that pay the bills.

  • While applying to non-profit jobs, you decide to take on extra volunteering opportunities to boost your network and experience.

  • While auditioning for roles, you work at a coffee shop where your acting community spends its time.

Long story short is this: Balancing our finances and our dreams can be tricky. And there’s no shame in diversifying your streams of income, especially in this economy! So, if any of these examples are you, be proud of yourself. You’re not giving up on your dream by taking on extra work—you’re supporting it.

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