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How to spot work culture red flags

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

We tend to look for the red flags in our jobs first, but what about the green flags?

Here are some workplace green flags to consider looking for in your current (or future) role:

  1. You have coworkers who you actually enjoy spending time with outside of your daily tasks and responsibilities (even if it’s on Zoom!)

  2. You’re encouraged to take a lunch break.

  3. You’re given enough time to finish projects.

  4. Fire drills are rare.

  5. You admire the people who lead your department and company.

  6. You get the benefits promised to you.

  7. You’re encouraged to take and are celebrated for using your time off benefits.

  8. You have a boss or mentor who shares their wisdom with you so that you can develop professionally.

  9. Your gut feeling about going to work is good.

  10. You're excited to get out of bed and start your workday.


Want more green flags than red ones in your career?

Let's connect.

Together we'll sort through the red flags you're experiencing, understand them and the blocks you face with each one individually, then make a plan for how to transform them into green flags.

Get started for free by booking a Get To Know call with me today!


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