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How to overcome procrastination

How often do you use the phrase "I'm a procrastinator"?

This is what I’ve realized about procrastination. Most of us avoid doing the small, menial tasks we just need to do. Things like scheduling an oil change or going to the dentist.

Procrastination is also often used with phrases like "I'm not motivated", "I'm just lazy" and "I don't really care" (hence WHY I'm a procrastinator).

But the saddest part...

"Procrastination" (and it's many forms) is often tied to things we care about most.

Things like…

  • Finding a career we love.

  • Reconnecting with an old friend.

  • Taking a much-needed vacation.

  • Starting a business.

  • Learning how to paint or play guitar.

This is a major problem.

So what do we do about procrastination when we're under its dark spell?

1. Get re-grounded in who you are and what you value by asking yourself two questions: When am I the happiest me? What do I stand for?

2. Be kind enough to yourself to build what you value into your schedule. Your time is precious, so why are you spending it on the things that don't fill your cup?

3. Start caring more about letting yourself down than letting other people down.

4. Find a support person who will cheer on the outcome you want. Too often we lean on people who have a different vision for our lives, and that vision clashes with what we're being called to do.


Need a support person to help you overcome procrastination?

I'm here to help.

The obstacle that is procrastinating is a tricky one to tackle, but you're not alone. Together we'll sit down to identify the things you're putting off to see how they align with your values. Based on our assessment, we'll rearrange your priorities, redefine where and how you're spending your time, and change your nickname from "Little Miss Procrastinator" to "Recovering Procrastinator". Get started for free by booking a Get To Know call today!


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