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How to live life proactively

Remember that "Choose Two" triangle diagram you used to draw in college with the famous three choices:

Good Grades

Social Life


Now, replace “good grades” with “promotion” or "taking care of the kids" and you might still relate to it (and maybe your life feels more like an octagon than a triangle at this point!)

We all know that the “Choose Two” philosophy isn’t sustainable. We need all three to survive. But man, it can feel next to impossible trying to balance it all!

Here's the thing...

So many of us spend our lives REACTING to the obligations we have in front of us. Instead of reacting, what if we allowed ourselves to focus on one thing at a time AHEAD of time?

To do this, here's a simple, effective habit I use to be more proactive:

  • Ask yourself, "what are the top ten tasks I do every week?" Write them down.

  • Next, assign the role you play when performing that task. (For example, "do laundry" = role of "mom" or "self love". "Lead follow up" = role of "business owner").

  • Last, assign a day of the week when you'll accomplish that task and the approximate amount of time it will take you.

  • Once all ten tasks have been timed up and assigned a day of the week, take a look at the big picture and ask yourself, "on a scale of 1 to 10, how realistic is this schedule?" If you answer 6 or less, revisit the assignments until you answer 7 or better.


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