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How to get paid what you're worth

Here's an honest question: are you getting paid enough?

Lately I've had a handful of clients bring up their salary and whether or not they're being compensated fairly. The way of our current world certainly hasn't made financial things any easier either.

Here's the truth: Many of us were raised to believe that what we earn is nobody else’s business. And that’s a valid boundary to have.

But when no one talks about salary or earnings, it creates a culture where people aren’t getting paid what they’re worth.

Here are 4 questions you need to ask yourself to assess whether you’re being paid enough and if it’s time to have a conversation about your pay:

  1. Are you getting some sort of financial recognition - whether it be a raise, bonus, merit increase, etc. - every year?

  2. When you google [insert your job title here], is your salary or hourly rate in line with the national and local averages?

  3. If No to the above question, are you getting really cool perks that make the job worth it to you?

  4. Does the money coming in afford you the lifestyle you want—or is it helping you get to the next phase?

If the answer is No to any of these questions, it's time to ask for a raise (or if you’re an entrepreneur) raise your prices.


Ali Goodin Career Coach

Need help getting paid more?

I've got you.

Advocating for your worth can be challenging (and overwhelming, and totally uncomfortable). That's why my coaching program is designed to help you take your financial goals and articulate them in a confident and professional way so that you get the pay you deserve.

Get started for free by booking a Get To Know call with me today!

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