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How to find (and build) healthy community

Does your [work/friend/church] community have red flags?

Recently a client came to me with news that they would be parting ways with their friend group of 5+ years. Their decision boiled down to one thing: disrespect.

What was even more difficult was coping with the realization that it took 5 years to even spot the red flag.

I'm here to tell you that it is better to be late to the "I'm parting ways with you" party than to stay with a community that's not good for you.

So how do you spot red flags in a community? (By looking for the GREEN flags, of course!)

Here are *5 GREEN FLAGS* to look for in a healthy community:

1. Your values, beliefs and ideologies are respected.

Joining community means we're bound to cross paths with all sorts of people... and inevitably, perspectives. That's a GOOD thing and should be welcomed when it comes to a healthy community.

2. You can talk about the tough stuff and feel heard.

Life is full of tough stuff. A healthy community is one that welcomes the tough stuff with open, loving arms (and ears).

3. You feel instantly better after time together.

If after you've left your community's gathering and ever had that "I'm on cloud nine" feeling or can't stop talking jitters, then that's your sign that you're with the right people.

4. You're surrounded by cheerleaders.

Whether it's through a special celebration they host just for you or a simple "I'm so proud of you!" comment, your community should feel as if they're about to pull out a set of pom poms at any given moment.

5. You are never pressured to do something or be someone you’re not.

This is the most important of the green flags because security in who you are and the choices you make is everything. Sticking to your own set of principles is what makes you, you, and if your community can accept you for this and encourage you to do what you do best, then they get to stick around.


Are you searching for a new, healthy community?

Look no further...

Better Together, my group coaching program for young professionals, kicks off this Fall and is perfect for anyone who's looking to make new friends and get the support they're craving.

Register today for the Fall 2022 program which begins September 21.


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