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How to change your living situation for the better

Hey you there... the one who's ready to make the leap from renting to owning a home. And you... the one who's perhaps still living with their parents, dreaming of independent life.

LISTEN UP, because this is for you.

Yes, the current market for homebuyers and renters is anything but ideal. Yet, there's no denying the dreamy deliciousness that is homeownership & independence.

If you're in need of some fresh perspective on this dare-to-dream situation, here's my best advice when it comes to changing your living situation today:

  1. Make a transition plan starting with just three baby steps. Maybe you live with roommates for a year on your way to buying a home. Maybe you start paying your parents rent to prep for solo living. Maybe you take a look at your expendable income and see what you can redirect towards a house savings. What are the smallest of small steps you can start with, test out, and adjust?

  2. Pay attention to the reasons you say that you “can’t” move. Are they true? Or are they based in a fear, doubt or insecurity that you could resolve with a refreshed perspective?

  3. Reach out to a trusted friend who is in a similar life stage. What is their experience like? What best practices can they share with you to help you along your path to independent living?

  4. Run the numbers. In order to live where you want, do you need to ask for a raise? Do you need to look for full-time work or a side hustle?

  5. See the future. What will you wish you did five years from now? Will you be glad that you stayed where you are, or will you wish you made a change sooner?

Need help changing your living situation?

I'm here to help!

As a certified life coach, my job is to help you change your life faster than you would on your own. Together we'll build a plan that makes sense for you and your goals for new, happier living while overcoming obstacles along the way.

Get started for free by booking a Get To Know Call with me today!

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