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How to build habits that stick

"Why are my habits not sticking?"

My clients ask me this question all the time. And every time, I give the same answer...

What you think you should be doing (or have to do) is different than what you actually value.

Here's a list of the common “shoulds” I hear:

  • "I should go to the gym five times a week."

  • "I should wake up at 5am on weekdays."

  • "I should say yes to all new professional opportunities."

Here’s the honest truth: unless you actually value the thing that you think you should be doing, you probably won't stick with it.

So, what if we scrapped the "shoulds" that society puts on us and got clear on what we actually enjoy?

For example:

  • I value being in nature, so I walk outside most mornings.

  • I value me-time, so I set aside 30 minutes of my morning to journal.

  • I value professional growth, so I say yes to opportunities that excite me.

Let me be very clear here: You do not have to wake up at 5am, lift weights at the gym, and climb the corporate ladder like “that girl” on TikTok if those things don’t bring you joy.

Habits are your own customized form of joy. They are the behaviors that you choose to do because they are things you want to do. And I think we can all agree - want to's are way more fun than have to's.


Need help building habits that stick?

I'm here to help you.

Together we'll sit down and identify the habits that serve you most and the ones that don't, then create a plan for how to build upon and sustain the habits that serve you most. Get started for free by booking a Get To Know call today!

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